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Nonu market takes a dive

The international nonu market has taken a nose dive and it seems to be spiralling out of control.

So warns the Nonu Association of Samoa based on “evidence of an increasing worldwide recession.” In a statement issued yesterday, President Garry Vui says the market is declining.

“Nonu juice/products have a limited worldwide market as a health product at present, irrespective of what is reported in the media locally or overseas and with evidence of an increasing worldwide recession, this market is in decline.

“This situation is beyond our control, as Pure Pasifika seems to have stopped buying fruit on Upolu.”
Pure Pasifika’s spokesperson, Apulu Lance Polu, says he has referred the matter to the Management for a comment.

But Mr Vui says nonu growers in Samoa have been left with an abundance of nonu and no one wants to buy them.
They may be forced to dump the produce at lower prices.

“The increase in the purchase price to $9.00 tala per barrel offered by Pure Pacifika since their arrival, and required by us to meet to get fruit for our customers, has increased production costs, directly attributable to the increased purchase price and whilst this has been beneficial to all sellers, it has lead to the current situation of more farmers planting nonu, and the current oversupply.”

The Nonu Samoa Association’s release is published as follows in verbatim:
Over supply of nonu ripe fruit.