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More on American Samoa airport funds — what about the future?

Sisgn at entrance to Pago Pago International Airport
Budget for airport projects in Tutuila and Manu’a is over $69M for FYs 2020-2024

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — The Department of Port Administration has already set a more than $69 million budget total in projects for the territory’s three airports for FYs 2020-2024. And among the projects, is the complete rehabilitation of the Ofu Airport runway.

At last Friday’s cabinet meeting, Port Administration made a powerpoint presentation on current and ongoing projects — since FY 2013 — as well as funding for these projects, along with projects and funds for projects covering FYs 2020 to 2024.

Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga directed Port Administration to share all this information so the public — along with cabinet members — can have a complete understanding on all current and future projects to improve the Pago Pago International Airport and the two domestic airports in Manu’a.

“Airports and ports plays a vital role in economic development” and therefore, improvements to the territory’s port-of-entries are a priority, Lolo told cabinet members during the meeting held at the Tafuna Airport terminal.

Airport grants business manager, Falenaoti Loi-0n Fruean shared funding data outlying the budget for FYs 2020-2024.

According to the financial report data, Port Administration’s total budget for airport projects stands at over $69.77 million - $19 million in annual entitlement; $44 million under discretionary funds; and more than $6.77 million from ASG.

For the Tafuna airport, total budget is $53.11 million — $4 million from entitlement; $4 million under discretionary fund; and $5.11 million from ASG — for four projects, with the highest being $33M for the Rehabilitation of Runway — phase two, construction.


Loi-0n Fruean explained that one focus for FYs 2020-2024 funding for Manu’a is improvements to the Ofu Airport runway, which includes complete re-pavement as well as extending it by 200 feet — on the side facing Olosega island.

According to the financial report, $8.5 million is the federal share for the project, while ASG’s share is $944,444

One million dollars is allocated in the federal share for the environmental assessment for the 200-foot runway extension, while ASG is contributing $111,111

The financial report does not show an estimated cost of the actual construction of the runway extension, and that’s not going to happen until the environmental assessment is completed.

Total project budget for Ofu Airport stands at over $10.55 million.

For the Fitiuta Airport, total budget for two projects is over $6.11 million — $5.5 million from the feds and $611,110 from ASG. The two projects are the design and rehabilitation of the runway.

The financial report for the two domestic airports does not show discretionary funding allocation for FYs 2020-2024.