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FestPAC 2024 takes a look at AlterNative Innovations in a symposium

UH Hamilton Library

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — American Samoa’s FestPAC 2024 participants include literary leads, Pesetā Tia Seloti and Tapa’au Dr. Daniel Aga, who according to ASFestPAC have found themselves “enveloped in the rich literary and cultural heritage of our region during their tour through the Pacific Archives at the University of Hawaii’s Hamilton Library.

The media release notes that led by Stu Dawrsand and Eleanor Klaiber, Pesetā and Tapa’au Dr. Aga were introduced to the extensive Pacific collection, home to thousands of reference materials that constitute one of the largest known repositories of Pacific related documents.

“This trove of knowledge provided a window into the past, illuminating the rich and diverse histories of Pacific communities.”

As the presentation drew to a close, Pesetā embodied the Samoan tradition of thank you (fa’afetai), expressing heartfelt gratitude to their presenters and reading a poem entitled ‘The Cross’ from her latest book, “The Narrow Way”.

They were also able to attend symposium discussions about “enhancing the sustainability of pacific cultural and creative industries” and “sustainable cultural tourism for the regeneration of Oceania.”

Discussions centered on fostering economic resilience through support and fair compensation for local artists, preserving cultural heritage through documentation and intergenerational knowledge transfer, and integrating environmental sustainability by using eco-friendly practices, according to the ASFestPAC media release.

“Similarly, the engagement around sustainable cultural tourism in Oceania looked at community empowerment, authentic cultural preservation, environmental conservation, and informed tourism practices.

“In prioritizing these strategies, the Pacific region can achieve economic growth, cultural preservation, and environmental stewardship, ensuring lasting benefits for local communities and visitors alike.”

Pesetā and Tapa’au Dr. Aga will also be presenting on Solo o le Va, the Samoan creation myth at the Hawaii Convention Center per schedule.