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“Downtime With Dee” — Unleash your inner artist

A group of friends each painting a picture

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — One of the latest trends for social gatherings in the territory is “Downtime with Dee,” a guided painting event with entrepreneur Diana T. Silao-Pelini, 38, of Aoloau. Dee, who works full time at ASCC, and started Downtime two months ago.

The side business offers painting sessions for private groups who are interested in “unleashing their inner artist”. Her clients pick the venue and Dee provides the paint party supplies and the fun!

In this photo, a group of friends unwind from the chaos of full time work, mommy duties for some and family obligations for all to express themselves through artwork during a guided painting session.

Dee says it’s “a hobby that I’ve grown to love and one I absolutely love sharing with others.”

She has held painting sessions with 18 groups and 123 people since she began. She adds, “It’s been a lot of good fun creating memories and masterpieces with so many people!”

Her latest painting session was held last Saturday at Flying Fox Brewing Co., in Pavaiai — a wonderful collaboration between young entrepreneurs Dee and Nate Ilaoa, owner of Flying Fox Brewing
[courtesy photo]