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American Samoa for Black Lives Matter poster for Saturday walk

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Samoa News is committed to acknowledging the Black Lives Matter” movement, in American Samoa as well as globally. Systemic racism is very much a part of our lives in our community — here, the U.S.A, and globally. It’s the glass ceiling that each of us has experienced, is experiencing due to the color of our skin, the culture we celebrate as ours, our place of birth, the language we use when communicating with each other…

The upcoming “peaceful demonstration” tomorrow, June 13, 2020, can be a time for us to participate and recognize that our prejudices are taught — they are as much a part of our legacy as Samoans, as a people who equate beauty with how white one’s skin is, and calls our black brothers & sisters, “mea uli” (black thing), not “tagata uli” (black people) as we do white people — “papalagi” (white sails bursting from the sky, becomes ‘white people’).

An Op-Ed: BLACK LIVES MATTER IS NOT A RADICAL CONCEPT, by #AmericanSamoaForBlackLivesMatter, is published in the opionion section, as part of our commitment to our community.