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Fully funded by fed grants, CJPA monitors sequestration

The Criminal Justice Planning Agency remains concerned with the on-going sequestration in Washington D.C. because CJPA is fully funded by the federal government, through various grants from the U.S. Justice Department.


CJPA executive director Keith J. Gebauer in the agency’s second quarter performance report says he continues to monitor federal fiscal developments at the nation’s capital, adding that the “uncertainty of sequestration” and other negotiations between the White House and Congress remains “the most significant factor in determining the availability” of USDOJ grants for the 2013 grant awards.


“This is only added to the political trend of conflicting views in spending versus budget cuts that has been ongoing for the last 12 years,” he said and noted that what is certain at this point is that there will be relatively late opening of various grant application periods for FY 2013 compared to previous years.


“While we remain optimistic on the amount of DOJ funding that will be available, we will proceed with caution and continue to carefully review all active grants to provide the best possible guidance for our sub-grantees for the remainder of fiscal year 2013,” he said.


As a result, American Samoa and other U.S. territories stand to lose-out the most in terms of federal funding assistance for criminal justice purposes, he said.


“Albeit we have received less than the original funding levels, but we are grateful for the federal funding assistance we have received to ensure that the core criminal justice services provided by the American Samoa Government will continue to receive some form of federal funding assistance,” he added.