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Fifty Memories of Samoa for Fifty Years of Independence

Today Samoa marks the 50th anniversary of achieving Independence. For me, the story of Samoa's last fifty years is also my family's story because my parents were married in 1962 and they celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary this year as well.

My parents chose to stay in Samoa and raise their six children there, even though the lure of distant shores was strong. My mother came to Samoa from New Zealand, as a very new, very 'refined', very beautiful young bride (wearing white gloves no less), and thankfully for us children - never left.

One of the greatest blessings in my life, has been the privilege of being born and raised in Samoa - by parents who have always worked hard to strengthen their marriage and value their family above all else.

I pay humble tribute to the land that nurtured me and to the parents who love me. Thank you. Here's fifty of my favorite memories of growing up in Samoa. There's a million more for each one listed and of course, each of you will have your own unique list!