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Cool Stuff: Cousins Celebrate, Irony to the Max

Kaiser High School Assistant Football Coach, Cameron Higgins and his University of Hawaii QB brother, Jeremy, came to Kaiser High School graduation Friday night to congratulate Savaii connected cousin, Winnie Markowitz. Now the State of Hawai’i and the Markowitz Family are congratulating former Hawai’i Football walk-on, Jeremy,who earned and has been presented with a football scholarship from Head Coach Norm Chow and the University of Hawai’i.


In added irony, Jeremy had hoped his other cousin, Abe Markowitz, would transfer from USC to Hawai’i for his final year of college football eligibility... where, as an Offensive Center, Abe would have snapped the ball to Jeremy and protected him as a blocker. Unfortunately Hawai’i does not have a scholarship available for Abe, who after learning this, expanded his appeal process with the NCAA to remain at heavily Reggie Bush sanctioned USC.


Further irony... will Winnie be a University of Hawaii Rainbow Warrior Track Athlete, in green, cheering on Jeremy against USC for the opener? Or will she and her brother Abe be allowed by the NCAA and USC to be Trojans together?


Jeremy is set at UH, Cameron is solid as a Kaiser HS Coach, Winnie has additional opportunities at St. Mary's Kansas, and BYUH... Abe Markowitz for now is moving out of his USC apartment and is planning a yard sale instead of attending Winnie's grad party this Friday night with the Higgins and Markowitz Clan.


Cool Stuff great news for some, bizarre irony and mystery for the rest.


Days of our Lives Samoan style?