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The American Samoa Swimming Association (ASSA) organized its first multi-sport event at Coconut Point on Saturday April 21, 2012, where competitors ranging in age from 5 -13 raced in the inaugural “Coconut Point Splash & Dash.”

The race at the end of Coconut Point was designed for the open water swim portion on the sami side of the area (inside the reef) and a running trail on the unpaved road, which wound through the sandy coastal lowland forest area of the Point, giving competitors a mixed terrain run. 

Age groups competed in the following categories: 7 and under: 50 meter swim and 500 meter run; 8-10: 100 meter swim and 1 km run; 11-14: 200 meter swim and 2 km run.

Pictured are athletes ages 5-13, as they race to hit the water.

“ASSA is very happy with the success of this event and thanks everyone who was involved” said Race Chair and ASSA President, Erika Radewagen.

“The athletes, their parents, and the volunteers had to be strictly on-time for this early morning event since the swim has to be timed with the tides at this venue, or the swim course would be too shallow. Everyone was early, got their transition areas set up on time,  and raced well,” said Radewagen. “We expect the competitor numbers will double the next time around. There is definitely room for expansion!”

ASSA plans to organize another swim-run event in early November in addition to its currently scheduled 2012 aquatic events.

Results from the 2012 Coconut Point Splash & Dash:

5 year old Girls—Amelie Neligan, Amelie Chen

7 year old Girls—Georgia Cox, Esmee Neligan, Angela Chen

8-10 year old Girls—Jade Cox, Isabella Ake, Grace Anderson

8-10 year old Boys—Victor Chen, Jacob Neligan

11-14 year old Girls— Gabby Langkilde, Diana Pulu Iaulualo, Tilali Scanlan

11-14 year old Boys—Zane Goodwin,Tremaine Ake, Tama Pula