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Members of StarKist management staff
StarKist Samoa personnel at last Friday’s management luncheon to kick off the start of the new year. The theme of the gathering had staffers representing “your favorite team” such as the San Francisco 49ers. [courtesy photo]  
Happy Trucking workers pose for Samoa News photo
O le vasega o le aufaigaluega galulue malosi a le Happy Trucking lea o lo’o galulue i le eliga o le laina o paipa vai mai Tauese Nuuuli i le pamu vai fou o lo’o ua taoto nei i lea atumauga mo le sapalai o le suavai mama mo le mamalu lautele. I le taimi nei e le’o fa’aaogaina e lea pitonu’u o Nuuuli...
babies, families and gifts
Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Representatives of Pacific Independent Distributors Inc, (PID) were at LBJ to present gift baskets for the first of this year’s babies — all girls, who made their entry into the world New Years Day 2020. Baby Malua Alayna Makalio was born first, on Wednesday morning,...
Family of New Years baby with gift packages
O le aiga fiafia ina ua taua’aoina le meaalofa tele mo Pepe ma ona Matua e sui mamalu o le Pacific International Distributors Inc. ma ua iloga ona lava ai le sapalai a Baby Malua Alyna Makalio o Nuuuli, Ua fiafia fa’atasi ai ma grandma i lea lava foa’i. [ata: Leua Aiono Frost]
SUV upside down in the road
Traffic was backed up in Utulei yesterday afternoon after this vehicle flipped over in front of Morris Scanlan Service Station in Utulei. According to a police officer's post on social media, the female driver fell asleep at the wheel and she is doing fine. Nobody was seriously injured. This...
family members decorating for  “Po o Moli” or “Night of Lights”
Family members took a brief break from putting up decorations for “Po o Moli” or “Night of Lights” to pose for Samoa News around 6p.m. New Year’s Eve, Dec. 31, 2019 at the Ave O le Fetuao Methodist Church in Fagaima. They are among church members from more than 15 parishes across the territory who...
Family Planning outreach program staff, with members of the CCCAS Utumea
"Begins with me" Family Planning outreach program staff, with members of the CCCAS Utumea during an activity entitled "Ola tautua fa'amaoni ia Keriso" on Dec. 28th. The LBJ Medical Center’s Family Planning Program has been conducting outreach to various schools and churches on island, to educate...
DHSS  and gifts
Aufaipese a le DHSS i pesega o le polokalama o le Kerisimasi i le vaiaso ua te’a sa fa’atautaia e le afioga i le Kovana Sili i le Pago Pago Youth Center. [ata: Gov. Office]
3 laughing and joyful young girls
The joy of the season is reflected in the faces of these young ladies who had a great time during the 15th Annual Christmas Concert, presented by the Petesa Uta CCCAS earlier this week. [photo: courtesy]
Santa Manny at BlueSky
Santa Manny stayed busy, greeting customers and Christmas shoppers earlier this week, as Bluesky kept their doors open late to accommodate everyone trying to take advantage of the company’s spectacular holiday deals. [photo: Blue Chen]