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FCS i Nuuuli VocTech High.
Ua folasia mea’ai e mafai ona avea ma fa’avai’aiga ae ua gaosia lelei ia avea ma tausami e fa’aititia ai le mamafa o pauna o i latou ua mamafa tele ma tausia pea le soifua maloloina. O le vasega lea a le FCS i Nuuuli VocTech High. [ata: Leua Aiono Frost]  
Lauli’i Elementary School students
Lauli’i Elementary School students from Level 1 to Level 6 during a siva on Wednesday following their participation in a two-week awareness program for the Drug Free Sua County Coalition held at Lauli’i village. Focus of the program is keeping American Samoa drug-free. [photo: Leua Aiono Frost]
 Comittee to Elect I'aulualo & Tapa'au video
This ad paid for by the Comittee to Elect I'aulualo & Tapa'au for Governor and Lt. Governor. Think a Minute with I'aulualo & Tapa'au: Economic Platform, Part I.  
CCCAS Aasu youth performing their skit
Members of the CCCAS Aasu youth performing a skit this past Sunday afternoon at the CCCAS Ili’ili church that tells the story of a family where the youngsters don’t listen to their parents, as the children are more focused on other matters such as their cell phone, surfing the internet and...
School Lunch program staff
“WISDOM AND PRUDENCE DWELL TOGETHER” — Some of the staff of the Education Department’s School Lunch Program pose for a photo before the start of the official opening of the local Education Department’s new school year 2020-2021 on Monday at Laloleva F. Polu School Gymnasium at Tafuna Elementary...
In no particular order, the students are Tiarah Fegaimali’i, Tafuna High level 11; Serenia Meredith, St Theresa Level 8; Cheryl Paolo; Manulele Tausala Level 8; Nalei Vaouli, Tafuna High Level 9; Victoria Fale South, Pacific Academy Level 11; Marinette Ioane, Lupelele Elementary Level 7; Charles Tauiliili, Tafuna High Level 9. [
Some of the students with their projects pose for a Samoa News photo during a break at last week’s Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics (STEAM) fair.  In no particular order, the students are Tiarah Fegaimali’i, Tafuna High level 11; Serenia Meredith, St Theresa Level 8; Cheryl Paolo...
Members of the Marine Patrole with new jet skis
Members of the DPS Marine Patrol Division with their new jet skis, which will help with enforcement and rescue. Samoa News was told that the Marine Patrol Division will have a total of four jet skis. Last month, DPS Commissioner Le’i Sonny Thompson said that DPS had received financial assistance...
Dept. of Health quarnatine facilities
Samoa News photo Wednesday afternoon showing the Health Department’s quarantine facilities behind the Tafuna Community Health Center. As of yesterday, there were only four travelers from Samoa under local special skilled workers special provision completing their required 14-day quarantine...
CJ Construction crew building a rock wall
Crew from the C.J Construction posed for a Samoa News photo on Wednesday during a brief break from their work — construction of a rock-wall between the Tafuna Community Health Center and the ASG quarantine facilities behind the health center.  [photo: Leua Aiono Frost]
Special needs kids with a parent enjoying making music.
Parents of Children with Special Needs Summer Camp: While usually only a week,  with the lockdown special needs kids & adults were needing more, so this year there’s a full month of activities. The events are Monday-Friday throughout August and include Champions Club, Fun Fitness, cooking...