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Fa’afiafiaga a se tasi o fa’alapotopotoga sa fa’afiafia i pesepesega o le Kerisimasi i lalo o le polokalama a le Arts Council. More photos in the slide show below. The 42nd Annual Holiday Music Festival photos are brought to you by Pentagon Samoa and their family of businesses.  Wishing you a very...
Screen shot of dancer from Wellington Pasifika Festival video
Wellington, NEW ZEALAND — The annual Wellington Pasifika Festival will be showcasing the sights, sounds, and flavours of the Pacific – with Kiwi legend Annie Crummer MNZM leading the exciting line-up. Fresh from her Pacific Divas National Identity Tour, Annie will be joined by a wide range of...
HC Asuega Faamamata home decorated for Christmas
The beautifully decorated home of HC Asuega Faamamata in Pago Pago, which is a sight to see every year during the holiday season. [photo: BC]
StarKist employees at the canning plant with gifts
O se tasi o mea alofa tu’ufaatasia e le vaega o le Packing Room a le StarKist Samoa mo se tasi o le aufaigaluega ua litaea mai i le kamupani i le aso Faraile ua te’a. [ata: StarKist Samoa]
Child laughing as he sees the cartoon character Olaf
Thank you Jean P. Haydon Museum management and staff for bringing these characters to life this year. This little bundle of joy got so excited seeing Olaf outside of the TV screen, that he started smiling and dancing.  [photo:THA]
Christmas lights and decorations at Fagatogo Pavillion
The Fagatogo Pavilion is looking festive after being decorated by Pentagon Samoa and its family of companies this holiday season. The pavilion is where the 42nd Arts Council Annual Holiday Music Festival is happening, which started last night, and will continue until tomorrow night. More photos in...
Christmas decorations in Fagatogo
O se vaega o nisi o teuteuga o le Kerisimasi i luma o le fale mataaga i Fagatogo. The governor has stressed to all ASG departments and agencies - including semi autonomous agencies - that their worksites be decorated for Christmas.  [ata: FS]
Pago Pago International Airport’s Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighters (ARFF) crew at Utulei Beach on Tuesday, Dec. 17.
Pago Pago International Airport’s Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighters (ARFF) crew at Utulei Beach on Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2019. The crew is currently being trained in water search and rescue techniques and yesterday was the last day of training, which included rescuing people from a vessel. The training...
The Uelese siblings in front of a Merry Christmas display in Aoloau
The Uelese siblings posing for a photo during their visit to the beautiful Christmas spectacle at Aoloau village which - this year - includes trees and decorations sponsored by local companies. Take time to enjoy the joy of the season. [photo: courtesy]
Police standing by the front door as movie goers file out of the Theatre
Movie goers enjoying Jumanji this Sunday afternoon at the Theaters had their movie disrupted halfway in when the police showed up and closed it down. The confusion continues as the Island still tries to understand what is considered a “mass gathering”. Re-admission tickets were issued by the...