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Honolulu Mayor honors National Samoan Language Week

Mayor of Honolulu, Peter Carlisle signed a proclamation to honor the National Samoan Language Week in the State of Hawaii 2012 headed by Le Fetuao Samoan Language School of Hawaii. This national week is celebrated in California, New Zealand, Australia and Hawaii.

US Census 2010 shows more than 180,000 Samoans reside in the United States, which is triple the number of people living in American Samoa, while slightly less than the estimated population of the island nation of Samoa — 193,000, as of July 2011.

This number will increase in the future for USA, and it is therefore important that we teach, speak and learn our Samoan Language while living off island so we don't lose its value, notes the Le Fetuao Samoan Language School. In Honolulu, the school’s volunteers provide free Samoan Language classes to Samoans and non-Samoans.  All teachers are volunteers from the community.

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