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Yesterday's two accidents being investigated

Department of Public Safety investigations are underway into two separate accidents that occurred yesterday in Faga’alu and Malaeimi.

The Fagaalu accident backed up traffic for while and involved four government agencies because oil spilled on the main road after an aiga bus and a McConnell Dowell pickup collided.

According to DPS officers, a west bound aiga bus, full of passengers, collided with the McConnell Dowell vehicle, which was heading into town.

The Fire Department, the American Samoa Power Authority and the American Samoa Environmental Protection Agency were contacted to secure the area where the accident occurred, because vehicle oil was spilled on the main road.

Several passengers from the aiga bus were transported to hospital by EMS ambulance for minor injuries. No serious injuries were sustained from the accident.

The accident in Malaeimi occurred in the Manu’a Store parking lot.

DPS officers say a vehicle driven by an ASCC student, sent on an errand by faculty staff, was backing up when it struck an 18 year old girl who was walking towards the store.

EMS treated the pedestrian and she was released at the scene. However the driver, a female student, was taken to hospital for further examination since she appeared to be in shock.