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Wrong people arrested, pair claim

Two men accused of possession of marijuana in Samoa have told the Court that the Police arrested the wrong people.Malua Misikopa and Sakaio Fetoai provided this explanation when they denied charges of possession of marijuana on Wednesday.They have been charged with possession of 12 roots of marijuana, 1,774 seeds, 167 branches and 160 leaves.The pair claimed that the real culprit had taken off when he saw the officers in civilian clothes walk towards them. He left the substances with them.Fetoai said he was only at Moto’otua on the night of 9 October this year because he went to visit his sick one-month old child and wife at the hospital.Misikopa said the false accusations against him have had a huge impact on his job.Presiding over the matter was Justice Vui Clarence Nelson who adjourned the matter to 10am on 19 November.This will give prosecution time to look into legal aspects behind how the pair were arrested and searched by police, and whether it was legal or illegal, he said.