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World Bank lays out cost of domestic violence

The World Bank says there is a a high economic cost on top of the human cost of domestic violence.On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, the Bank’s gender and development director, Jeni Klugman, says domestic violence is not only an egregious abuse of human rights, but there are also economic losses from the violence.She says a systemic response addressing domestic violence would also reduce poverty and boost prosperity.Ms Klugman says up to two percent of a country’s gross domestic product can be consumed by domestic violence. “Just to put that in perspective, that’s broadly speaking what most developing countries spend on primary education, for example. So the trade offs that are imposed by this in a context of scarce resources in most countries, is really very large. So we want to highlight this in order to make the case, to buttress the case, alongside social and rights aspects.”The World Bank’s gender and development director, Jeni Klugman.