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Women saved from witch burning in PNG after earlier death

Two elderly women have been rescued just as they were about to be set on fire as witches.The rescue comes as a wave of sorcery deaths continues in Papua New Guinea, where last week 20-year-old mother Kepari Leniata was burnt to death in front of hundreds of people in Mt Hagen, in the Western Highlands.Her gruesome torture as a witch and death was photographed by many people and widely published.Now it has been discovered that last week six men in mountains near Madang have been put to death for allegedly practising sorcery.The PNG National newspaper said in the latest incident police were tipped off that two women were to be burnt alive allegedly for bringing about the death of an eight-year-old girl.Assistant Police Commissioner and Highlands divisional commander Teddy Tei told the newspaper the two women were tied to pillars by relatives of the girl.Tei said the girl had died after she was \gang-raped and killed by two known suspects\ who were present at the attempt to burn the old women.The two women were tortured, but police moved in after witnesses phoned them.He said relatives of the dead girl had hired a \glassman\ - someone who claimed supernatural powers - who said the two old women were behind the death of the eight-year-old.Tei said the \glassman\ and the two rape-and-murder suspects, together with those ready to set the two women on fire, tied up the women.\Police know their identities and they will be arrested sooner or later