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Woman dies after dropping her iPhone in the bath while charging it

Charging your iPhone has proven to be a dangerous endeavor in the past, but mixing chargers with water usually doesn't end well. Unfortunately for 24-year-old Evgenia Sviridenko, charging her phone while in the tub came at the cost of her life, reports the Mirror.Sviridenko's flatmate, Yaroslav Dubinina said Sviridenko was checking out the Russian equivalent of Facebook, VKontakte, when she dropped her charging iPhone into the bath with her. Dubinina noticed her flatmate was taking an unusual amount of time in the bathroom, so she went and checked on her.“I saw her phone which was on charge at the bottom of the bath,” Dubinina said. “Her body was still shaking from the shock.”Unfortunately, Sviridenko didn't survive the shock. Police are investigating why the charger didn't cut out when it hit the water, but wouldn't say whether the charger was licensed by Apple.Sviridenko is not the first person to have died from the likely use of an unlicensed charger, as an 18-year-old from China was found dead last August after a similar situation.