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Woman charged with passing bad checks and stealing

Linnea Samatua charged with stealing and passing bad checks was arraigned in the High Court Friday morning where she denied the criminal counts against her.

Samatua who was held on bail of $3,000 was released from jail after she posted bond.

According to the government’s case, a complaint was filed against Samatua regarding several bad checks that were made out to the Airport Way Gas Station and Haleck's Service Center.

It’s alleged Samatua wrote seven checks totaling $570 between March 16 to 25, 2012.  The checks were returned with a ‘Closed Account' notice. Each returned check was then charged a fee of $25 by the payee.

Two demand letters were sent to the defendant on April 3, and July 3, 2012. The government claims Samatua has repaid $200 but a balance of $545.00 is still owing.

Samatua is represented by Assistant Public Defender Mike White, prosecuting is Assistant Attorney General Kimberly Hyde.