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What will a smaller buildup mean for Guam?


Two local officials confirmed yesterday that the military buildup in Guam will shrink to 4,700 Marines.

Arthur Clark, Gov. Eddie Calvo's director of policy, said he was given the official number by Navy Undersecretary Robert Work in a conference call. Guam Delegate Madeleine Bordallo said in a press release that she, too, expects that number after her discussions with the undersecretary.

"This actually has the potential to accelerate the plans to move forward with the development," Clark said. "It will be on a smaller scale, but it will start the process. It will allow the process to move forward."

International news reports cropping up over the last few days have cited anonymous sources or Japanese officials on the lowered Marine number, but this is the first on-the-record acknowledgment from U.S. officials.