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Weekend accidents: No serious injuries

A female off-duty police officer was hit by an aiga bus while riding her motorcycle from her Masefau home to the DPS Central Station on Saturday afternoon. The accident occurred in Aua, on the main road at the turn-in to the hall of the Catholic Church during the usual Saturday afternoon bingo games.


Bingo players, who were eyewitnesses to the accident, reported that a verbal altercation between two aiga bus drivers resulted in one of the drivers trying to drive out onto the main road heading westbound and failing to see if there was oncoming traffic.


Eyewitnesses heard the cop scream as she fell off her bike and not long afterwards,  police officers arrived on the scene in full force. This photo was taken as the cops tried to load the motorcycle onto the back of a police vehicle. Pieces of the mangled bike were scattered on the road and luckily, the female officer escaped with no serious injuries except some scratches and bruises.


Also over the weekend, a government vehicle with license plate TV3 landed on its side in Faga’alu  Saturday evening around 9:00pm. Samoa News was at the scene, where firefighters were present along with police officers.


Firemen used a water hose to wash the gas off from the main highway. Officials at the scene told Samoa News the accident was caused by the vehicle going at a high speed. Samoa News understands no one was seriously injured. However, efforts to confirm and obtain comments from KVZK TV Director Fagafaga Daniel Langkilde and the Department of Public Safety were unsuccessful as of press time.