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Week 6 of AYFS action features more hard hitting action, with one surprise

The continuation of the American Youth Football of Samoa league is now down to two more weekends of regular season. Week Six had some hard hitting match ups with no surprises,  except for the last game of the day that saw the Buccaneers with an astounding comeback to win over the Bengals in full time, to collect their first ever win of the season.

The first two games of the day featured the undefeated Raiders and the undefeated Chiefs — who continue their clean sheet of losses. In the third game, the Chargers kept their dominating second place ranking, enough to keep the pressure on the top two teams that share the AYFS No. 1 spot.

Raiders 22 – Bears 6

The Bears offense decided to take up the early lead, as they did not want any part of trailing against an undefeated team, with their first time meeting on the field.

The Bears, Ferrin Manuleleua lead his team to their first six points of the game after an unstoppable series that saw the Bears over the Raiders 6 – 0 in the first quarter of the game. It was the last time they would score.

The Raiders would dominate for the rest of the game, beginning with a hard knock drive with Folasa “Frost” Vili leading their running game, bringing two touchdowns in the first quarter to put the Raiders in the lead 6 – 14.

In the second quarter, “Frost” Vili again dominates, saving the play from a Bears’ defensive blitz that saw a last second wild pass from Eric Steffany, just before he was brought down by John Patea of the Bear, in the air — but Vili adjusts to come back to get the ball, and then run it right into the end zone for his third touchdown of the game that saw the Raiders lead 6 – 22, after the good two point conversion by Vili again.

The second half of the game saw nothing but tough defensive adjustments made by both teams, with the Bears shutting out the Raiders from any end zone appearances both in the third and fourth quarter.

In return, the Raiders defense, lead by Ueseli Mamea, made sure the Bears never crossed the goal line within full time, as they closed off the game with the same scores from the first half, Raiders over the Bears for a 6 – 22 win.

Chiefs 58 – Steelers 30

A high scoring first quarter saw the Chiefs take first blood with an opening kick-off return that was received by Tupufia Shalhout of the Chiefs, who then paved his way through the Steelers to return all the way down the field for the first touchdown of the game. Their two point conversion by Shalhout settled the Chiefs with an early eight point lead.

Shalhout still on fire, again brings in another touchdown reception, after a failed play by the Steelers. It was from the 2-yard line run, adding six more points to the scoreboard for the Chiefs. Their two-point conversion out to “Small Man” Tinei Tei was good for a Chiefs’ 16 point lead, still in the first quarter.

Possibly seeing the handwriting on the wall, the Steelers came back with a surprising drive, after a turnover by the Chiefs, taking possession mid field on the 40-yard line, a first down possession that saw a sweep play from Elise Seui out to Luteru Ah Loe, who juked out the first defender in front of him, and automatically took off booking it to the end zone for their first touchdown of the game with just 5:54 remaining in the first quarter. Their two-point conversion drive was the same play out to the opposite side to Ah Loe again, who dove into the end zone to bring the Steelers back to trail the Chiefs 16 – 8.

Still in the first quarter, the Chiefs put together an unstoppable drive lead by the Chiefs Ambrose Isaako that highlighted their powerful running game.

With their drive going successfully, the Steelers expected Shalhout again to come through the middle for another touchdown conversion, but they read the play wrong. It was a fake hand off to Shalhout, who they bombarded, by Isaako, which allowed him to through the middle and roll out with the ball to pass to the wide open “Small Man” Tei, who caught that ball in the end zone, recording another Chiefs touchdown in the first quarter.

In a game that showed no quarter, the Steelers responded with a play from their own 34-yard line, with an inside hand off to Ah Loe, who muscled his way through the middle, as he was almost down with a host of defenders on his back, suddenly the Chiefs saw the only black jersey they tried to tackle, slipping out to the open field, and taking it all the way to the house for a Steelers touchdown. The Steelers Seui made an appearance in the end zone with a quarterback keeper to come back and trail the Chiefs by six points, 22 – 16.

The second quarter continued the assault by both teams, with both bringing it home early in the quarter for only an eight- point lead by the Chiefs. Shalhout scores the Chiefs’ touchdown yet again, with the two- point conversion coming in the hands of Fernandez Petersen early in the second quarter.

Steelers Keiki Misipeka, who carried the load for the Steelers from the Chiefs 20-yard line in a sweep play, was clearly uncatchable with the ball in his hands, recording the touchdown for the Steelers, for a 30- 24 trail.

But again, the Chief’s running game brought home the bacon — with a kick off return by Petersen that saw him dancing his way through defenders, taking it all the way down field untouched, for another Chiefs touchdown, to lead the game 38 – 24 after the good two-point conversion by Shalhout.

In the third quarter, with 7:30 remaining, the Steelers, in deep trouble and pinned deep in their own territory, was forced to a punting situation on their own 4-yard line, as Seui came into punt. That kick to try and get the Steelers out of trouble, saw more trouble coming, when Petersen, receiving the punt, stormed right back to the end zone for his second touchdown return of the game. The two-point conversion by Shalhout was good, sending the Chiefs to an unstoppable lead of 44 – 24.

Late in the third quarter, the Chiefs are still on a roll. Tei of the Chiefs entered the end zone again for another touchdown, while not too long after that, the Steelers offensive possession saw a passing play from Seui, being intercepted by Shalhout, who returned it all the way back to the end zone for another Chiefs touchdown, sending them to a 58 – 24 lead.

It was the last TD for the Chiefs, but not for the Steelers. In the last 10 seconds of the game, its a Steelers possession on the Chiefs 20-yard line, and Ah Loe, in a sweep play, goes all the way down field for the final touchdown of the game, as the clock hit zero in regulation time. It’s Chiefs 58 – Steelers 30.

Chargers 32 – 49ers 12

In the first quarter this match up, a defensive battle between the Niners and the Chargers kept both scoreless.

Then, early in the second quarter with 7:13 before halftime, the 49ers threatening to score from the Chargers 3-yard line, were successful when Vaiagae handed off the ball to Malachi Peko-Vai, who muscled his way through the middle, and recorded the first touchdown of the game.

The Chargers returned the favor by running the ball right back into the heart of the Niners defense, and executed a third down situation on the Niners 3-yard line that saw Steven Nelesoni take the ball into the end zone on a counter hand off that marked off the Chargers first touchdown of the game. Their two point conversion pass out to Gene Leatigaga from Utumoe Vaa made a difference in the game, when he sent the Chargers over the Niners by two- points.

4:19 in the third quarter, and the Niners execute a first time play, with the ball spotted on their own 33-yard line. The Niners went for it on a third down situation, with a sweep play out to Peko-Vai that saw the ball going the opposite direction. When the Chargers’ defense reach Malachi, he releases a halfback pass out to his quarterback, Lafaele Simanu, who was already running a drag route that made him play all the way to the end zone for another Niners touchdown.

It’s the last TD for the Niners, the next three belong to the Chargers.

The Chargers pave their way back to scoring another TD, with a good quarterback scramble by Vaa, and with the good two-point conversion by Gene Leatigaga, the Chargers were ahead 12 – 16.

7:17 in the fourth quarter of the game, Chargers Samuel Taliva’a carries his team to a first down situation on the Niners 2-yard line, the reception was a quick dive to the middle out to Leatigaga again who scored another touchdown for the Chargers, extending their lead to 24 – 12 after the good two-point conversion by Vaa.

Their final appearance in the end zone was made by Samuel Talivaa who sent the Chargers home with another victory to their record, as they closed off the match with a 32 – 12 victory over the Niners.

Bengals 30 – Buccaneers 36

This match up was the final and the most exciting match up of the AYFS day of competition, as the Buccs recorded their first win of the season, with a  decisive comeback that left the Bengals helpless in the second half of the game.

The game started with the opening kick off from the Bengals out to the Buccs who had to start possession from their own 17-yard line, after a good special teams play by the Bengals. The Buccaneers first play of the game was a toss out to Irae Filivaa, who slipped through the middle of the Bengals defense, and was uncatchable, as he took it all the way down field for the first touchdown of the game. The two point conversion was unsuccessful.

Then, after that Bucc’s touchdown, the Bengals offense, led by Andrew Misioka, threatened the Bucc’s on their own 1-yard line. The Bengals in a tight situation, had a hard time getting into the end zone, forcing them to go for it on fourth and goal. The Buccs looking for Leota on the dive, were wronged when Misioka ececuted a quarterback sneak that saw the Bengals first six points of the game to tie.The tie breaker came with a successful two-point conversion in the hands of Mason Tuileta, taking the Bengals over the Buccs by two.

With 3:15 remaining in the first quarter, the Bengals have possession on mid-field, and executed a well coordinated play, wit Mason Tuileta cutting through the middle on a reverse counter hand off, and trailed the side lines all the way to the end zone for his first touchdown of the game. Tuileta again on the good two-point conversion sent the Bengals to a 16 – 6 lead.

Another TD conversion to Tuileta was extended with a surprise two-point conversion play, a running situation twisted by the Bengals when the defense saw a pass from Misioka immediately out to Paul Fuimaono, who caught that ball on the 1-yard line, and muscled his way into the end zone dragging three defenders in with him, as Fuimaono sent the Bengals to a 24 – 6 lead.

Just before half time, the Bengals were in trouble on their own 12-yard line when a shot gun snap turned sour for the Bengals on a second down situation. As the ball rolled deep into the Bengals back field, it was recovered by Bucc’s Fautuga Autele, who was immediately swamped by a host of defenders, the ball was ruled a safety, as the Buccs added two more points to their side of the scoreboard going into half time with a 24 – 8 score.

The second half opened up with Tuileta again on his famous reverse counter route, managing to pick up yardage and another six points for the Bengals, as he sent his team to a 30 – 8 lead early in the third quarter.

But it was the last time the Bengals would strike success, because the Buccaneers begin the ‘comeback’ that will send the victory home with the Buccs. 

It begins with Misioka sending off the kick to the Buccs. Filivaa receives that kick and brings it all the way back for his second touchdown of the game. Filivaa again on the two-point conversion brings the Buccs back to trail 30 – 16, with a lot of time left on the clock.

Filivaa and Ruben Futi of the Buccs led the way to a tying situation in the fourth quarter. It’s just 2:22 remaining in the ball game; and the Buccs strike for the winning TD of the game: Futi connects with Filivaa again for the last TD of the game that sent the Buccs over the Bengals with a six-point lead, closing off the match.

It is the first victory of the season for the Buccaneers, a close call of 30 – 36.