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Water for Satapuala, Samoa

Thanks to a group of determined youth, Satapuala village now has water good enough to drink!Last week, the Rotaract Club of Apia (RCOA) worked with Kiwi Rotaractors from District 9920 to lay a pipe line to the subvillage of Tuvao-uta. Village Matai and local MP, Toeolesulusulu Cedric Schuster says this project was of great importance to his constituents. “The new system means the sub-village of Tuvao-uta will now have treated water which is better than a lot of the water currently available to Samoa, including Satapuala,” he says.“It also means that with the new system, there is no more leakage with the new PE pipes compared to the old steel and PVC pipes thus ensuring, as was seen when the connections were made, the supply more than doubles what was previously received.” Before this connection was made, the villagers faced water shortages during the dry season, pipe leakages and health problems from the untreated water.“People here depended on rainwater using buckets and often had to walk to other parts of the district to seek water.” Toeolesulusulu says he was happy Rotaract saw the problem that not only Satapuala faced, but a lot of villages in Samoa are currently facing. “On behalf of the Satapuala Village Council, we wish to extend our appreciation to the Rotaract NZ group who came as well as Rotaract Samoa who helped in making this possible.”Rotaract NZ spokesperson, Dr Artria Ray says their members came on board because they wanted to do a project that would strengthen international ties and offer an understanding of their Pacific brothers and sisters.“In addition, we were keen to do a project which would address some of the key needs of communities worldwide as defined by the millennium development goals, and thus this project seemed to be a God-sent gift,” he says. “So members from different clubs throughout the district worked together raising awareness about the project and coordinating it from our end.