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A warning for speeding drivers: speed detector trailers to be placed around island

The Department of Public Safety and its Highway Safety Patrol has come up with another way to alert speed violators in the Territory. So says Lieutenant John Cendrowski who heads the DPS Traffic Division.

Lt. Cendrowski explained that two speed detector trailers which monitor the speed of vehicles as they pass by, are now on island and have been in use for the past few weeks. He added the two trailers were placed at the busiest spots in the morning, namely the school zones.

 “The main purpose for these speed detectors is to have drivers avoid speeding on the public highway”. 

Speaking with Samoa News, the Lieutenant said the trailers can record your driving speed from a distance of 2,000 feet.

 “If you’re going over the speed limit of 25 mph,  the trailer will give a warning on the screen with red and blue lights flashing, with the message SLOW DOWN.

The speed detectors can be shifted from one place to another,” said Cendrowski.

He added that soon the speed detector trailers will be placed where most of the speed violations occur. “For instance, in Satala, Pago Pago, Faga’alu, Nu’uuli, Malaeimi, by the Veterans Stadium, and the Ili’ili stretch”.

Cendrowski said the two $15,000 Speed Detector Trailers were purchased from funding available to the Highway Safety Patrol.