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Visitor’s Bureau to firm up cruise ships for 2013

American Samoa Visitor’s Bureau has so far confirmed 16 cruise ships to call into the Port of Pago Pago for 2013 with some additional ships pending final confirmation.

Visitor’s Bureau executive director David Vaeafe told Samoa News recently that while there are only 16 firm ships, these voyages are bringing in a higher number of passengers and crews than in 2012. He is expecting to release later this month, a firmed up list of the total number of ships in 2013 as well as an estimated number of our temporary visitors.

For this year, there are 20 cruise ships and the final one for the year is the Ocean Princess, which is currently scheduled to arrive Dec. 13 carrying up to 680 passengers and 390 crew members. The cruise ship is scheduled to sail in around 7a.m. from Apia, Samoa and depart later in the afternoon for French Polynesia, according to the Visitor’s Bureau eNewsletter this week