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Violance stops National University of Samoa ball

Officials and security guards were forced to call off the annual student ball at the National University of Samoa after drunks started throwing bottles and starting fights.The Saturday night event was closed early when KL security guards stepped in to stop the drunks, who had been refused any more alcohol, started hurling beer bottles off the rail of the Fale in which the ball was held.“One NUS student got whacked in the head and the security guys came in to stop the violence from escalating,” a student, Tasi Junior, stated.About five minutes after the ball was called to a stop with most of the attendants leaving, another NUS student ran into the fale in an attempt to attack one drunken attendant.Along with the drunks and violent behavior, a man who was believed to have not been an NUS student was walking around the dance floor with his leg bleeding.He seemed not to notice this from the level of alcohol intoxication he was under.Samoa Observer approached one of the officials who organised the event but they declined to comment.Others were outspoken.“I came to have some classy fun, the alcohol being given out just ruined it for me,” said Elia Masoe, a student of NUS.“Some of these kids are underage and yet there’s alcohol being distributed to anyone without the hesitation to ask for some identification before accepting alcohol. It's bad influence for them.”Fuatimu Semisi said, “ I think the arrangements and the venue for the event is nice, but too many drunks, and some of them aren’t even NUS students.”“Some will be driving home tonight and I’m just concerned for their lives when they drive drunk. Some kids are just plain hooligans (malovale), ruining it for me tonight.”The ball was arranged by students, for students.