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Video: Samoan baby may be California's biggest

Sammisano's parents knew he was a big one.When he was born in August in San Francisco, the hospital's newborn unit didn't have diapers roomy enough to fit him, and the baby clothes he'd received as gifts were way too small.But there are big babies, and then there is Sammisano Joshua Talai Otuhiva, who was more than 16 pounds.Proud parents Sosefina Tagalu and Pavasio Otuhiva of Daly City are now stepping up to claim what may be rightfully theirs: the state record for birth weight.

The couple says they didn't realize just how extraordinary their boy was until a few weeks ago, when they read a newspaper article about another newborn being celebrated as California's weightiest: Andrew Jacob Cervantez of Hesperia (San Bernardino County).\I'll be honest with you. I was hurt that the claim wasn't ours