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Vandals hit Pago Pago’s Coleman Elementary

Some classrooms and the cafeteria were vandalized at Pago Pago Elementary school either Tuesday night or the early hours of Wednesday morning, according to school officials who immediately contacted the Department of Public Safety (DPS) after coming into work Wednesday morning.

The doorway that is used to separate the Level 1 class with the Special Education class at Pago Pago Elementary School was also torn down.

Upon arriving at the campus Wednesday morning, school officials contacted the Department of Public Safety (DPS) after noticing the damage to the school classrooms, where screens had been ripped, and paint sprayed on the ‘U.P. Coleman Elementary School’ sign.

The rooms vandalized were Special Education, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 7 and Level 8. The cafeteria was also broken in to, where a case of milk was stolen. Pictured is a Level 3 classroom, where items were broken and things strewn on the floor. The U.P. Coleman Elementary School sign was spray painted as well. School officials say they will work with the village to find the person or persons responsible for the damage and theft.

[photo: Jeff Hayner]