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Utah vollyball champ never gives up

A young woman with Samoan roots is making it big in volleyball at Lone Peak High School in Utah. Jaiden Achermann, the daughter of Eugene and Charlyne Achermann, was raised in Hawaii and Utah, but always came home to Am. Samoa with her family to see where they grew up and were raised.


She is the granddaughter of Edward and Faaeseina Stevenson and Richard and Maele Achermann.


Read in a report by Lone Peak High junior Landon Hall how she never gives up, instead she rises up to succeed.  In fact she made it to the Utah State Championships.


The star player on the Lone Peak High School varsity volleyball team tore her ACL last summer, and is one of 200,000 athletes per year to do so.


But Jaiden is not just another statistic. Raised by two former basketball players and having played basketball throughout her childhood, she had every reason not to follow a career in volleyball, but when told to choose between the two sports, volleyball won and she’s never looked back.


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