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U.S. Masters, operating the the local longline fishery, complete 2-week course

Last Friday, the closing ceremony for the U.S. Masters, operating in the American Samoa Longline Fishery, 2- week training course was held, with 12 receiving Certificates of Completion awarded. 

This is the second round of training, which was organized again by the Tautai-O-Samoa Fishing & Longline Association. This round of training was coordinated with the US Coast Guard American Samoa Safety Detachment Office, the American Samoa Authority and the AMSEA Drills Instructor Training Program.

According to the Tautai association, in addition the course would not have been possible without the help of:

Captain James Jaqua, and Steven Kostelnik and Michael — from the NOAA observer program who provided a portion of the training with free materials and instructions via AMSEA (Alaska Maritime and Seafood Education Association).

March 2012 U.S. Masters Training Participants:

Name            Company/ Agency

1.            Maatulimanu S. Maea

2.            Mickie Kitiona            Taimane

3.            Wayne Mika            Tifaimoana

4.            Manu Lomago            Min Jin Park

5.            William Alik            Gloria Park

6.            Michael Pila            Princess Yasminna

7.            Esene Pou            Princess Yasminna

8.             Tisani Tama                        Inja

9.             Aukuso Tiatia            Taimane

10.             Johnny Poe Gasolo        

11.             Iven McFarland            Ji Hyun

12.             Tyler Brooks            Tifaimoana