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Update: Comedy show a winner

Comedy that can transcend cultures is an art in itself.Holding a sold out audience in the palm of your hand from the get-go until the end is magical.No subject was safe in Fobulous.Inter-racial marriages, money woes, weight, disciplining children aka ''time out'' versus ''knock out'' and pointing out the differences in the New Zealand and Samoan cultures were crafted into sharp comedy.The comedic duo Eteuati Ete and Tofiga Fepuleai's are seamless on stage.They provide a perfect foil to play off each other as they developed numerous characters to dig and poke at cultural stereotypes until the audience howled with laughter.There's no doubt this pair are seasoned and polished performers.Fobulous unfolds through a series of stories by different characters.To start the audience gets to eavesdrop on two young boys discussing how they remember their dance moves, then we met an over-eager quasi customs arrival lady, two old men sitting on a porch discussing the global financial crisis, two bouncers at a nightclub exchanging stories of rugby and an engaged couple talking wedding plans and how to fit family in - for example, the groom's family of 400 to her Kiwi family of 32.My favourite part of the show was Ete and Fepuleai morphed into Brian and Jonathan, a pair of television presenters for the show called ''Island Time''.It's great when even the performers managed to crack themselves up laughing on stage.Throughout Fobulous the set and character changes were simple.It was a matter of the lights dimming out as each character came to an end.When the lights came back on there were no elaborate set changes or clothing changes to draw you into the new characters. The transformation came via voice, look and stance with the help of simple props. When ''Brian and Jonathan'' began the story of 'Goldilocks' aka the island version, the only props were a yellow wig, and three pair of sunglasses. A large pair for ''Papa bear'', a smaller pink pair for ''Mama bear'' and a smaller pair again for ''Baby bear''.