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Two i-Kiribati men make discovery after 33 days lost at sea

Two i-Kiribati men have a good yarn to tell after being lost at sea for 33 days, and also discovering the fate of a relative who got lost on the same route more than 50 years ago.The men got into trouble on October the 22nd when their global positioning system stopped working.Having to survive off fish they caught, a month later they were blown into the island of Namdrik in the southern Marshall Islands, about 560 kilometres northwest of their home atoll of Marakei in neighboring Kiribati.Our Correspondent Giff Johnson says they discovered that an uncle who was lost at sea from Marakei in the 1950s landed at the same place, where he married into the community. “One woman on the island who still speaks the Kiribati language so they were grateful for that but imagine drifting for 33 days, 350 miles, and then landing on a little coral atoll and turning out there’s a bunch of your relatives there.”Correspondent Giff Johnson.