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Two dead in Samoa after pickup flips

Two young men died at Vailoa Faleata in the early hours of yesterday morning when their vehicle flipped and rolled down a small bank.An official at the National Hospital identified the two men as Jesse Risale, 21 years old, of Vaimoso, and Thesaurus Heather, 20, from Tufuiopa.A teenage girl, 19, was also involved in the accident.Her name and condition could not be confirmed yesterday.One witness to the accident, Uifagasa Lafoga, was not sure of the time when he was awoken by the sound of the crash.“Either three or four o’clock in the morning,” he said.“The vehicle was heading towards the east - it was going fast - and I heard a big bang.“After that I heard another big bang again and I knew the vehicle was in trouble.The vehicle must’ve rolled over and over again.“When I came running out, I saw one man, laying still, just beside the road, face down and he was already dead.“The other young man, we found on the other side of the road, still breathing.“A van that was here last night took him to the hospital.”“I don’t know how many of them were involved but a woman who was here last night told me it was four.”