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Two brave local women battle cancer with help from ACE Angels

Mrs. Elisapeta Mapu, 69 years of age from the village of Fagali’i, who was shy to have her picture taken (left in photo below), but very grateful for the assistance from the community in the form of a stipend gathered by ACE Angels and administered by the Cancer Coalition.


She was diagnosed with endometrial cancer in June of 2013 at LBJ. Mrs. Mapu is the eighth stipend recipient to benefit from the ACE Angels donation to the American Samoa Community Cancer Coalition from their Christmas drive last year. Elisapeta says she may undergo surgery here, and will otherwise deal with her diagnosis in American Samoa.


The recipient is Mrs. Maria Toese of Faga'alu (right in photo below). She was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer in 2012, underwent a mastectomy, and is currently in chemotherapy. 


According to Mrs. Toese she'll be flying to New Zealand for follow up treatment in May and this stipend will help her get there.


Both patients were very grateful for this assistance, and acknowledged the generosity of both ACE and the donors of American Samoa. Luana Scanlan of the Cancer Coalition said, “This money will impact their lives in this time of great need.”