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Tualauta faipule seeks update on road projects

Rep. Larry Sanitoa has sought a meeting with the Department of Public Works director Taeaotui Punaofo Tilei to discuss an update of pending Tualauta road projects for the year 2012.

In his Nov. 28 letter, Sanitoa first thanked DPW for all they have done in “repairing and maintaining all our public roads.  Several road and drainage projects were successfully completed during your tenure at DPW and I commend you for your efforts.”

Sanitoa then requested an “urgent meeting” with Taeaotui before the year ends to discuss the status of several pending projects for Tualauta. Among the projects is a possible new drainage that would be installed in Fagaima by the Assembly of God church once funding was approved.

He is also seeking an update on the airport road construction, Kokoland Road, Aoloau/Mapusaga Fou and the maintenance plan for the newly purchase DPW “vacuum truck”.

Aside from updates on these pending projects, Sanitoa is also inquiring if DPW has an ongoing and consistent maintenance plan to address the chronic drainage problems in several areas throughout Tualauta – namely drainage at Ottoville (Mormon River), Cost U Less, Hope House, Happy Valley Drainage, and drainage at the new road in Petesa.