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Troy & Theodora Polamalu donate to ASHSAA, their Foundation awards 2 scholarships

While he is not doing a camp this year, Troy Polamalu is still very much on American Samoa’s youth radar, with donations from Troy and his wife, Theodora of volleyball uniforms for all the high schools, which also includes boxes of Head & Shoulder Shampoo and two scholarships through the Troy Polamalu Foundation.

On Monday morning, at the Department of Education- Elementary Office at the Lions Park, Ben Pourrabbani of the Troy Polamalu Foundation presented the Troy and Theodora Polamalu donation of volleyball uniforms for all the high schools on island, including the boxes of Head & Shoulder Shampoo. The two scholarship recipients were also announced at the ceremony.

Polamalu is in his 4th year as a spokesperson for Head & Shoulders, a contract that has immortalized his hair, with a million dollar insurance policy and in 2011 a Madame Tussauds wax figure.

During the donation ceremony, American Samoa High School Athletic Association’s (ASHSAA) Director Tumua Matu’u told the representatives of each high school present, that this is the third year that Troy and Theodora Polamalu have contributed to the youth of American Samoa.

“Troy didn’t grow up here, he just visited American Samoa when he was about 19 years old, and then he came back again last year. Troy is a guy who just wants to give back to his people, and that’s why they’re here. Two years ago, then last year, and now he’s here again this year…”

She added, “this year, he is donating not to the football teams, but to the volleyball teams, here in American Samoa, and I just want to emphasize that with Troy, its not just about male athletes and football, its about all athletes, female, male in all sports, and not necessarily athletic, but also academic.”

Pourrabbani noted that “the scholarships are meant to be purely academic, I didn’t ask if they were athletes — one of the recipients isn’t an athlete — she didn’t play sports, and that’s not a requirement. Troy is interested in having his people be well wrapped with the island and its people.”

He announced that the two Troy and Theodora Polamalu Foundation Scholars are Vaotupu Galea’i of Tafuna High School, (who was not present during the ceremony), and Ariel Joy Regis from Fa’asao Marist High School. They each get a $3,000.00 scholarship award for a college of their choice, and they both get an autographed Troy Polamalu jersey.”

Pourrabbani said of the donation of uniforms and Head & Shoulder Shampoo, “I really want to thank Hawaiian Airlines for getting everything here; they paid for everything to be brought down here. So they have been helping out with Troy’s foundation quite a bit. These are the uniforms that Troy got through NIKE. There are 150 uniforms, and we also have 110 boxes of Head and Shoulder Shampoo to donate to the schools.”

Matu’u and Pourrabbani confirmed during the ceremony that Troy Polamalu will be coming back next year to coordinate another camp “It’s still in the planning that they might also hold a volleyball camp while Troy’s football camp is on at the same time, but we’ll let you know for sure — but Troy is for sure to come back next year.”