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Tropical Storm Flossie, forecast to weaken, will still bring rain to Hawaii

Tropical Storm Flossie, now more than 2,100 miles east of Honolulu, is likely to bring some rain to the state starting Monday through Wednesday.But the storm, packing maximum sustained winds of 45 mph, is expected to weaken as it moves over cooler waters and will degenerate into what forecasters call a remnant low or trough, a weather system with a fraction of its current strength, by the time it reaches Hawaii.“Flossie is running out of time for much more strengthening,” the National Hurricane Center said in its latest forecast this morning.National Weather Service forecasters in Hawaii say it’s “too early to speculate on direct impacts to specific islands” from Flossie, or what’s left of the storm, when it reaches Hawaii next week.The storm could also bring some surf to east shores. “Uncertainty remains high regarding the track and intensity (of Flossie),” said Honolulu meteorologist Ian Morrison.