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Tri Marine CEO reveals update on seawall project

Tri Marine International is hoping to get its federal permit by the end of next month to rebuild a seawall in order for the U.S. based company to start construction of its canned tuna facility, as part of its Samoa Tuna Processors (STP) local operation.


Tri Marine’s chairman and CEO, Rento Curto revealed this brief update during special remarks at Friday’s dedication ceremony for the company’s 5,000 metric ton state-of-the-art cold storage building at the STP compound.


Now that the cold storage is dedicated the next phase for the company is to construct its tuna cannery operation, which has been on hold for close to two years awaiting permit approval from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer to reconstruct a seawall next to the planned site of the tuna cannery.


Curto said the company has submitted a mitigation plan that has been approved by the Army Corps.  The plan is to ensure the protection of any marine life on the ocean floor in the area that will be part of seawall reconstruction.


He said a team of divers “will gently remove one-by-one, every single piece of marine wildlife (on the ocean floor where the seawall will go) and transplant it a few yards out and we’re going to make sure that the marine wildlife survives.”


“It’s a commitment that we’ve made and it’s going to be expensive, but we are willing to do that. It took us 20-months to get to this point. So hopefully, by the end of May [this year] we should have this permit,” he said.


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