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Transition Teams asked to provide “comprehensive reports”

The Lolo/Lemanu administration’s Transition Team provided instructions to each of its transition teams earlier this month, as part of the new administration’s efforts to hit the ground running.

Final reports from the teams should be compiled over the next week under the direction of Transition Team Chair Afoa Lutu, who has also been chosen to be the nominee for American Samoa’s next Attorney General.

Each transition team had one to three co-chairs, and the co-chairs were to organize meetings with their departmental counterparts, as designated by the Togiola administration. The teams were to conduct interviews, gather documents and perform inspections as necessary.

Each team was asked to provide a verbal presentation directly to the governor-elect, chairman Afoa and other members of the new administration’s leadership. Those presentations, stretching for 14 hours in total, were made to Governor-elect Lolo on Saturday and Monday.

Final written reports, which will be released to the news media, should be compiled in the next week, and “must include but are not limited to the following”:

• Mission Statement and Vision of the agency in question.

• Organizational Chart (inclusive of all divisions)

• Current financial reports of Actual expenditures (and encumbrances) vs Budgeted expenditures. Such reports should identify local money sources vs federal grant sources. (Note that the current fiscal year began on October 1, 2012, and thus the first quarter of the year is almost over).

• Financial reports for the most recent fiscal year, including FY 2012, which ended on September 30, 2012, as well as the three years before that.

• A schedule of employees, divided into various categories (e.g., career service, contract, NEG).

• A schedule of assets, including vehicles, boats, equipment, and the most recent inventory of materials and supplies. (No mention was made in the instructions regarding cell phones or cell phone accounts).

• A schedule of contracts entered into by the agency for services or goods.• A schedule of boards, commissions, community coalitions and task forces associated with agencies. The schedule should include purpose, status, membership and terms.

• A list of critical projects, including deadlines and specific reference to matters requiring immediate attention.

• A SWOT analysis, listing three major Strengths of the agency, three major Weaknesses of the agency, three major Opportunities yet to be realized, and three major Threats to the agency. (Wikipedia defines SWOT analysis as a structured planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project or in a business venture.)

• Recommendations.

In addition, the Transition Teams are to include a list of team members, a copy of the agency’s approved FY2013 budget, and a copy of the transition report prepared by the Togiola administration for that agency.