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Toa o’le Tai program goes into third week

Going into its third week of training, the Bruckner Chase Toa o’le Tai Ocean Heroes program uses highly trained peer educators and mentors to provide free instruction to youth of the community in how to be safe in and around the ocean. These peer educators are a select group of older adolescents who are being trained in ocean safety, open water swimming and ocean conservation.

Youth who complete the Toa o’le Tai training successfully are awarded with the Bruckner Chase Toa o’le Tai award and are then charged with providing classes and structured open water experiences for other youth, organized through villages and schools.

The Toa o’le Tai invites the public out tomorrow morning to check out the program in its ongoing effort to protect our communities and our marine environment, while creating American Samoa’s first ‘Ocean Lifeguard Agency’. Training tomorrow will be held behind the Don’t Drink the Water restaurant (former site of the Pago Pago Yacht Club) at Utulei Beach Park.

You can also find out more about the Bruckner Chase Toa o’le Tai program by visiting, or you can email Chase at