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TMO & Marist American Samoa team up for 2015 tourney

The chairman of the TMO Marist American Samoa International tournament officially announced last week that Marist and TMO have formed a partnership for next year’s Marist’s 7’s tournament.


The announcement was made during the handing over of TMO’s check of $30,000 as part of the company’s sponsorship for this weekend’s Flag Day international 7’s competition.


Chairman Si’igava’a Tauileave Toluono said general manager Gaisoa and his TMO companies have also pledged to become the major sponsor of the Marist American Samoa Sports club international 7’s tournament that is planned for early next year in February.


As the American Samoa Rugby Union has moved to take over the control of the Flag Day 7’s event starting next year in April, Marist American Samoa was forced to look for alternative dates to schedule its popular 7’s tournament.


According to Si’igava’a, they arrived at the February date after careful and thorough discussions with their Marist club brothers in Apia and the New Zealand Marist Federation.


“They advised us that it would be advantageous for the three clubs under the Marist banner to hold back to back international sevens competitions here and in Apia on the month of February.


“The Marist St. Joseph’s Sports club in Lotopa, Samoa continues to have their tournament each year in February. The president and his executives have recommended that we in American Samoa should hold our tournament either before or after theirs on the same month.


“We have considered their advice, but we will discuss further with them when they arrive here on Wednesday the actual dates in February to start our tournament. Once those final details are confirmed, we will then make an official announcement during the two days of competition this weekend,” Si’igava’a said.


Si’igava’a again thanked TMO for becoming this year’s major sponsor. He paid tribute to  general manager Gaisoa for his vision and wisdom as he continues to support Marist’s efforts in promoting rugby in the territory.


“We are very pleased to announce TMO’s endless support of this international competition. General manager, Gaisoa has kindly donated $30,000 for the last Flag Day tournament we will host this weekend. He has also vowed to be the major sponsor when Marist will hold their tournament on February of next year. 


“The president and the executive officers of Marist American Samoa Sports club are very appreciative of your generosity. Your sponsorship has helped greatly in the development, growth and popularity of rugby here in American Samoa through Marist’s international 7’s event.


“We could not continue to attract top international players to showcase their talents in American Samoa without TMO’s sponsorship. Again we thank you Gaisoa and TMO for your kind and generous consideration,” Si’igava’a said.