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Tips on navigating the new website — Archives

Samoa News welcomes you to our new website with a tip on how to navigate the archies.  Here’s what we've learned about getting around in the archives and reading the stories from a chosen day.


  1. Go to Archives in the top navigations bar
  2.  Select the year (right now all we have complete is the month of December, but archives from the past 4 years will be added over the next month or two. 
  3. After your month is selected you will see a selection of story type:  News, Le Lali, Linking Samoans, Our Troops or all — make your choice
  4. Then back under dates the months will appear and after you’ve selected the month you want, you have the option of all or a particular day.


Another way to find back-stories:

  1. Go to the section you want to read — Local, Sports, Le Lali, Regional, Associated Press, Our Troops, Linking Samoans.
  2. You’ll find approximately 6-8 stories per page.  At the bottom of that 6-8 is an arrow where you can go to next page.
  3. Keep clicking through the pages and you will find all the stories in that category.

You'll find some differences in other areas as well.  Let us know if you need some additional information about how the new site works.  And give us your feedback, this is a work-in-progress.

For more help email me: