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Tiny zombies: Halloween's goriest go extra-small

Prepare yourself this Halloween for a procession of pint-sized trick-or-treaters like none you've encountered before. If the companies that gamble on offering the right mix of costumes are correct, visitors to your doorstep will include a grisly array of waist-high killer clowns brandishing blood-soaked machetes, deranged convicts and zombie ninjas armed with knives.Add to that the full roster of fictional killers who gave people nightmares during the `80s and `90s - Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees from \Friday the 13th\ and Chucky, the murderous doll from \Child's Play\ - now available in sizes that can fit a 5-year-old.These costumes make last year's popular \Scream\ mask filled with fake blood seem almost tame.Earlier this month, Amber Boettcher brought her 6-year-old daughter Addi to a Halloween store near their home in southeastern Minnesota. They were looking for pompoms to add to Addi's homemade costume. But their shopping trip ended abruptly when Addi saw the array of gory outfits on sale for kids.\She freaked out