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Three Houses Down releases first Samoan track: Teuila Girl

Auckland reggae band Three Houses Down has released its first Samoan track; paying tribute to one of the island nation's most iconic festivals.Teuila Girl is one of six tracks on the band's freshly launched EP album: Moon & Back.The song is about a boy's love for a girl named Teuila, but also pays tribute to Samoa's iconic teuila flower and internationally acclaimed Teuila Festival.The 10-piece-band, made up of mostly Tongan and Samoan members, hails from Auckland. They have become widely popular around New Zealand and are regular performers in popular reggae haunts around the world; namely Hawaii, Las Vegas, Utah, Los Angeles and San Francisco. They have also played to crowds in Australia and Tonga.Three Houses Down's new Samoan track is a mix of urban Samoana lingo and English, with the catchy chorus: \Teine Teuila Girl! Ua na'o oe in my world.''Band leader Rob Pome'e said Teuila Girl was a nod to Auckland's second most spoken language