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Teacher in Samoa accused of sexual harassment

A foreigner who applied and was hired to teach Agricultural studies at Saint Joseph’s College this year has been told to take leave until allegations of sexual harassment against him are cleared.

He was to have taught this subject in the lower levels; the Years 9 and Year10s. Director of Catholic Education Aeau Chris Hazelman said they were only made aware of the allegations against the man on Tuesday morning “at 8.30am or 9am”.

He did not elaborate on who made the allegations known to the school but said if they were aware first hand when he had applied for the job, they would not have hired him.
“When the principal found out he took immediate action and released the teacher on the grounds that he makes sure he faces these allegations and to prove his innocence”.

The man was a former staff member at the University of the South Pacific but was “let go” following allegations “of a sexual nature” leveled against him by female USP students.
The Samoa Observer understands that a complaint has been lodged with the Samoa Victim Support Group (SVSG).