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Teacher group reccomends new pay scale to entice educators to perform, excel and be motivated

President of the Federation of American Samoa Educators, P. Ben Te’o is asking, on behalf of the FASE and educators, for the government to consider a “New Reclassification Base Pay Scale”.


“As an educator and administrator in the American Samoa Department of Education for seven years, I have seen top qualified teachers, counselors and administrators come and go because of the lack of incentive and fair compensation to retain them in our ASDOE education system,” said Te’o in a letter sent to Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga, Fono leaders, Department of Human Resources Director Lei Sonny Thompson, House representatives and DOE Director Vaitinasa Dr. Salu Hunkin-Finau.


Future leaders of American Samoa are nurtured, trained, and educated within the walls of the public school system and there is a need for quality teachers, counselors and administrators to produce the best leaders for the future of families, communities and the government, he noted.


Te'o said the suggested Base Pay Scale is progressive in nature and intended to entice teachers, counselors and administrators to perform, excel and be motivated in the system, as they progress up in ranks. “It is also done with consideration to encourage educators to continue in the pursuance and betterment of his or her education development from one stage or degree to another."


“This system will maintain and sustain itself while retaining top quality educators needed by the ASDOE education system to produce the best leaders of American Samoa for tomorrow,” he said.




For a 2-year AA degree with teaching certificate the recommended base pay is $15,000; 4-year BA/BS degree w/teacher certificate it should be $22,000; 4-year BA/BS degree Pass Praxis I w/teaching certificate $26,000; 4-year BA/BS degree Pass Praxis I & II w/teacher certificate $30,000; MA/MS/Med w/teaching certificate $35,000; PHD/Degree w/teacher certificate $38,000; Counselor Elementary w/MA/MS/Med $35,000; Counselor Secondary) w/MA/MS/Med $37,000; Elementary Vice Principal w/MA/MS/Med $38,000, Secondary Vice Principal w/MA/MS/Med $40,000; Elementary Principal w/MA/MS/Med $43,000; and, Secondary Principal $45,000.


Te’o thanked the government leaders for considering and caring for the teachers, counselors and administrators, who are making a difference in the lives of future leaders.