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Talavalu: On scene review

(Many know TriMarine President Joe Hamby as a contributor to the Territory's economy, through Samoa Tuna Processors. Joe is also a former Stanford University 15s and San Francisco Rugby Football Club 7s player. Joe shares his view on Talavalu's daily performance for the Samoa News.)


Talavalu's first game in Hong Kong was against Italy. Italy's experience in international 7s tournaments showed against the newcomers. Pressure by Italy resulted in American Samoa conceding too many penalties and balls given away.  At the half Italy led 19-0.


The second half proved better for Talavalu as the first try in American Samoa's Hong Kong 7s history was scored by Pentateuch Vaki going blind side off a scrum with power and determination to touch down in the corner. Maugalei Veavea added a try to make the final score Italy 31 and American Samoa 12.


In the second game of the tournament Talavalu faced home crowd favorite Hong Kong who put on a show of pace and possession while American Samoa had trouble with tackles and again with penalties.


Hong Kong was very efficient with the ball and led 21 to 0 by halftime with 3 converted tries.


In the second half American Samoa's Maugalei Veavea scored his second try of the day with a diving try (with serious airtime) under the posts to save Talavalu from being shut out.


Final score Hong Kong 31, American Samoa 7.