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Tafuna is looking at Gold already, and no one is there to stop them

Tafuna High School made a huge statement to the teams in the ASHSAA Football League this past weekend, under the Friday Night Lights at the Veterans Memorial Stadium. The evening featured the “Battle of the Toa” part 2, where Tafuna again showed domination of the league after beating Fagaitua Vikings in both Varsity and Junior Varsity division.

Two weeks ago, Fagaitua’s JV team managed to bring down Folasa Vili and the Lions from an undefeated title, as they were looking to take No.1 after Tafuna lost to Leone 6 - 0 in week 4 of the season. But as of Thursday night, Leone saw Tafuna’s JV taking home the win in a very exciting match up.

For the Varsity Division, Nu’uuli Wildcats almost spoiled Samoana High School’s “Senior Game”, when the Sharks found out that Head Coach Rod Atafua and his football team were not backing down, in what was almost Nu’uuli’s second win of the season.

“Huddle” coverage of the ASHSAA 2012- 13 Football Season is proudly sponsored by “Powerade” and “Coca Cola”, exclusively distributed by GHC Reid Ltd., Co., “Your Family of Fine Beverages” - Oloa o Leala.


Samoana 7 - Nu’uuli 0

Varsity Division

Tafatafa Sataua opened up the first quarter of the match with a pass that was intended for Ronnie Mase, but was intercepted by Nu’uuli’s Felise Enoka, and it was only their third offensive play of the game. Enoka who was one of the major impact players for the Wildcats last week, helped Nu’uuli both on offense and defense.

Samoana’s defense put up quite the effort as well, under the leadership of Isaako Mauga, who led the Sharks to rejecting Nu’uuli from an end zone conversion throughout the whole game.

The big game turnover happened with just 3:54 remaining in the fourth quarter, and Samoana turned to their power back Fiaui Ta’ase, to carry the load into Wildcat territory. Ta’ase who averaged 80 rushing yards in the game managed to spot the Sharks first down possession on Nu’uuli’s 2-yard line, where Samoana sent Lokeni Taufilinu’u up the middle for their first and only touchdown of the game. Samoana closed off the match with a knee and went home with the win of 7 - 0 after the field goal conversion by Kaleopa.


Samoa News selected Samoana High School’s Running Back Fiaui Ta’ase as the Player of the Game, after he racked up over 80 rushing yards last week, and 14 carries during their Senior Game against the Nu’uuli Wildcats last week.


Tafuna 50 — Fagaitua 28

JV Division

Garrett Seumalo secured the Warriors lead after receiving the opening touchdown pass from Frank Mauigoa early in the first quarter to spot their first six points of the game. Later on in the same quarter, 3:22 in the first, a third and long play of the Vikings on the Warriors 42-yard line, and quarterback Faga'ese Ta’ase of the Vikings fired out a bullet to the numbers of Tuli Fruean for their first touchdown of the game, as Fagaitua came back to take the lead 6 - 8 after the two point conversion in the hands of Mose Salatielu.

Then with just 4 seconds remaining in the first quarter, and Tafuna playing a threatening third down possession on the Vikings 4-yard line, a sweep play by Mauigoa fooled the defense, leaving Lyle Siu wide open in the end zone for the leading touchdown of the game as the Warriors came back to lead the game 14 - 8 after the two point attempt by Mauigoa.

4:51 in the second quarter, first down play of Tafuna on their own 31-yard line, Warriors Mauigoa couldn’t find an open receiver, and the defense bringing the heat from the outside of the play, forced Mauigoa to scramble through the middle, out to the sidelines and off to the races. Mauigoa took that quarterback keeper all the way to the end zone for a 69-yard touchdown reception. Their two point conversion was a pass connection out to Travis Seui, and was good enough to hold the Warriors 22 - 8 lead.

Winding down to halftime, 2:12 remaining in the second quarter, and Tafuna again with the surprise reception. Tafuna first down on the Vikings 15 yard line, and Mauigoa almost sacked in the back field, came back and fired a long pass out to Lyle Siu for another Warrior touchdown, extending their lead 30 - 8 after the two point attempt by Mauigoa.

Tafuna thought they would bag the rest of the second quarter, but Fagaitua says “no way” when they came back with just 7 seconds remaining in the quarter. Fagaitua first down on their own 35-yard line, and Ta’ase swept the ball out to Gus Napoleone, who lured the defense’s attention, leaving Fruean again wide open for their 7-second touchdown reception. Their two point conversion inside counter attack to Makalio was good, as they came back to trail the Warriors 30 - 16.

6:58 into the third quarter of the game, and Mauigoa of the Warriors finds Uluao Sefo on a 24-yard touchdown reception that extended their lead 36 - 16. But, the Vikings still came back — this with the will to score on a fourth down possession. Fagaitua on the Warriors 25-yard line, and Faga’ese Ta’ase rolled out to find Fruean again to hook up another touchdown reception for Fagaitua.

Late in the game 7:01 in the fourth quarter, and Tafuna’s Mauigoa marched the Warriors down field again, after a long 45-yard quarterback keep to spot the Warriors first down reception on the Vikings 1-yard line. First play there and Mauigoa kept the ball in the end zone for his second touchdown of the game as he spotted the Warriors a twenty point lead for 42 - 22.

Vikings still not sitting quiet for a defeat — First down of the Vikings on the Warriors 13- yard line, the ongoing no huddle mid field counter attacks paid off when Mose Salatielu was sent up the middle for Fagaitua's six-point addition to the scoreboard, to trail 42 - 28.Fagaitua looking to strike again, failed and turned the ball over in a three and out situation. 1:12 remaining in the ball game, and Tafuna was the one looking to strike again, after another long quarterback keep by Mauigoa, he was sent off the field after spotting the Warriors inside of Fagaitua's red zone. Tafuna brought in back up quarterback Garett Seumalo to score on the 6-yard quarterback sneak to seal the deal closing up the game 50 - 28 after the two point attempt by Seumalo.


Samoa News congratulates Mauigoa for recording his fourth Player of the Game title after leading the Warriors in an outstanding performance against the Vikings last Friday evening, which was one game waiting to happen. The Sophomore quarterback racked up over a 150 yards on his ground attack alone on quarterback keeps, 4 passes for touchdowns, 2 touchdowns and 3 extra point conversion.


Varsity Division

Tafuna 38 - Fagaitua 6

Daniel Fereti was secure and almost safe throughout the whole game with the help of his offensive line, allowing him to work his passing game to secure the big "W" for Tafuna. Fagaitua's "Iron Man" Howard Tautu was working hard on the Vikings defense, stopping the Warriors throughout majority of the first quarter.

Late in the first, 15 seconds remaining, and Fagaitua failed to cover "Pretty Boy" Ryan Pa'aga who caught Fereti's long 34-yard pass for the first touchdown of the game. Tafuna took the early 8-point lead of the game after the two point attempt in the hands of wide receiver Lauina Futi.

9:50 in the second quarter, Tafuna very comfortable with their 8-point lead, decided to expand their lead when they were playing a second down situation on the Vikings 1-yard line, the long carry down field by Vena Umu paid off when Fereti kept the ball into the end zone for his first touchdown of the game, extending the Warriors lead 14 - 0.

Late in the quarter 3:20 remaining, Tafuna second down on the Vikings 40-yard line, and Fereti who played comfortably inside his pocket with the pass protection by his offensive line, waited for a good 8 seconds to find "Vicious" Vena Umu coming up the middle to connect the pass and Umu took it to the house for a 45-yard touchdown reception going into half time.

3:31 in the third quarter, and Fagaitua just couldn't find the rhythm to get through Tafuna's defense. At the same time, Tafuna was playing a second down possession on the Vikings 25-yard line. Fereti hooks up with up with Pa'aga again on a long pass connection for Pa'aga's second touchdown of the game.

Early in the last quarter of the game, 10:02 remaining in the ball game and Fagaitua comes back to life after a crucial game experience, they finally managed to solve their way to the end zone. Second down possession of the Vikings on the Warriors 15-yard line, and Lomitusi Ta'ala swept the ball out to (#28) who rolled out and sent out the half back pass to the wide open Johnny Sione in the end zone for Fagaitua's first touchdown of  the game.

Tafuna was hurt and tried to come back after experiencing their first error of the game, which worked up Head Coach Salave'a on the side lines.

Suddenly, trying to work their way back to the end zone, Tafuna marches down the field to spot a first down situation on the Vikings 5-yard line. 6:15 remaining in the ball game and Fereti decided to keep it in the end zone, but stumbles on his way into the goal line and fumbles the ball, which was immediately recovered by Pa'aga, for another Tafuna touchdown.

It’s 5:37 remaining in the game, and Tafuna again regains more fuel for another scoring opportunity. Tafuna third down on the Vikings 3-yard line, and Fereti hands the patient draw attack to "Vicious" Umu, who rammed his way through defenders to spot his first touchdown of the game and sealing their win for Tafuna 38 - 6. It’s their second big win against the Vikes this year.

SAMOA NEWS PLAYER OF THE GAME: Tafuna's Offensive line

Samoa News selects the Warriors Offensive linemen unit, for their continuous effort of great blocking and running blocks that sealed the deal in Tafuna's 38 - 6 win against the Vikings last Friday evening.