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StarKist launches \Made in America\ canned tuna to celebrate 50 years in the territory

In celebration of its 50th anniversary in American Samoa, StarKist Co. yesterday announced the launch of newly branded "Made In America" canned tuna products, which were prepared and packaged at its StarKist Samoa cannery in Pago Pago.


"StarKist has proudly had operations in American Samoa since 1963, and we are thrilled and honored to be celebrating this milestone anniversary in American Samoa with new 'Made In America' branded products," the company’s Vice President, Marketing and Innovation, Frank Pogue said in a news release.


StarKist also says it is committing $50,000 to The Troy and Theodora Polamalu Foundation, which is devoted to supporting the territory.


"Like Troy and his family, we have a vested interest in the health, well-being and success of the American Samoan people and community,” said Pogue. “We have a tremendous amount of heart for what the Polamalu family is doing on the island through the Foundation, and this gives us the chance to thank the American Samoan people for embracing us for all of these years."


Polamalu, who plays with the Pittsburgh Steelers, says the foundation is excited and grateful to be working with StarKist for this initiative that is so close to their hearts.


"This commitment from StarKist will give my family's foundation more opportunities to continue providing the great people of American Samoa with programs to further strengthen this incredible community,” said Polamalu in the StarKist statement.


StarKist branded tuna product are StarKist® Chunk Light Tuna in Water and StarKist® Chunk Light Tuna in Oil products. The new red, white and blue canned tuna products are on shelves of grocery stores across the country.


To further celebrate the launch of the new product, Polamalu created a special recipe showcasing his favorite tuna dish—Polamalu's Tuna Pasta Salad. For more information on this, visit


In addition to working with The Troy and Theodora Polamalu Foundation, last month StarKist and other leading employers on the island formed an advocacy coalition to support a stronger American Samoan economy that can grow and thrive through meaningful policies at the federal and local level.


By convening the Stronger Economy for American Samoa (SEAS) coalition, StarKist hopes to raise awareness of the unique and significant economic challenges facing American Samoa and the importance of the territory to the United States, according to the company statement, which also says that  StarKist is confident such steps will ensure the company will be able to celebrate at least 50 more years of operation in the territory.


StarKist, whose headquarters is based in Pittsburgh, plans to release soon dates and activities in American Samoa marking its 50th anniversary.