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As much as they didn’t want to say farewell to the 2013 ASHSAA Football Season, three teams were forced out of the season after coming up short in last Saturday’s football Varsity quarterfinals.


Kanana Fou, Nu’uuli, and Marist all fell at the hands of the remaining teams who will compete this upcoming Saturday in ASHSAA’s 2013 Semi-Finals. The Lions will face the Sharks, and the Vikings will face the Warriors with just two more weekends remaining in this year’s football season.


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Fagaitua Vikings 52 - Nu’uuli Wildcats 6


Sharks 28 - Marist Crusaders – 6


Leone Lions 41 - Kanana Fou Stallions 0


Bye Team: Tafuna Warriors




Samoa News has once again selected more than one Varsity POW due to level of play delivered by each player for his team. They are Gus Napoleone of Fagaitua High School, Viliamu Atafua of Nu’uuli VocTech, and Leone High School’s Quinn Solo Chanel.




The most popular sporting event in the territory each year, American football provides not only a gateway for our local football athletes for a chance to college level football, it has opened educational opportunities as well — with full ride and partial scholarships offered. With this in mind, this upcoming Saturday is no joke for the remaining 4 teams in the league.


For the teams, and their supporters and fans of the local gridiron season, semi finals open up the competition once again — with teams once again ‘even’ — and anything is possible. It’s the two teams that make the least mistakes that will determine the final outcome — playing for the title of CHAMPIONS of the 2013 ASHSAA FOOTBALL SEASON.


Warriors vs. Vikings


The challenge between the Warriors and the Vikings will most likely be the main event of Saturday’s Semi-Final match ups, as the Tafuna Warriors remain unanswered and unstoppable this season, with not only a perfect record, but a wrath that all teams fear with consistent domination on both sides of the ball.


Fagaitua had a rusty takeoff this season, but gradually picked up the pace, and tightened loose ends as they hoped to pick up momentum leading up to these qualifying games. Considering the fact Tafuna shut out Fagaitua 66 - 0 in their first meeting, there is no telling what Head Vikings Coach Ta’ase has up his sleeve to slay the No.1 seed in the league. That’s what they have to do in order to move on to the final game of the season, which is scheduled for November 30, 2013.


Will they bring down the toughest team in the league? Or will Tafuna continue to play “Warrior Football” and slay the Vikings worse than the first time? These questions will be answered on the field, this Saturday at the Veterans Memorial Stadium.


Lions – Sharks


Leone has been slowly fine-tuning their team from a bad start to a dominating factor —with their team slowly climbing the ranks to spotting themselves as the No.3 seed in the Varsity Division.


A big gain for the Lions heading into Saturday’s qualifying game against the Sharks is the return of team captain, Middle Linebacker Zephanaia Pritchard, who was out for 4 games due to injury. With his presence, along with the help of some of the Lions JV players who were moved up to Varsity, Leone just might make it back to the finals this year.


Samoana Sharks last game against the Warriors two weeks ago showed a spark of light that has determined the Sharks as a possible defensive threat to Leone this Saturday. The Sharks have had a tremendous season and are second best right now — they are ranked No.2 rank in the Varsity Division. But they will need all their A-level performers delivering consistently, from their very skilled and hard to take down Faletagaloa Silao, to their O-Line to perfect the path to an unstoppable end zone appearance, to their air attack with Dickie Ne’emia’s improved arm, and Logan Tago taking it to the house for the Sharks.


Will Samoana send Leone home for good? Or will the Lions slay the Sharks to another championship game appearance?


Come find out this Saturday at the Veterans Memorial Stadium.